The Academy

It is the mission of the Chosun Taekwondo Academy to provide authentic martial arts instruction to adults, teens and children at an affordable price in a safe and encouraging environment. In keeping with this policy, Chosun students are taught fundamental drills and exercises targeted at self-defense, increasing flexibility and physical fitness. Additionally, students are exposed to methods of cultivating Ki , or internal energy, used to amplify technique and to promote a greater sense of well being. Meditation is employed as a vehicle to clear the mind of stray thoughts prior to training, enhance focus, and cultivate concentration. These pedagogical concepts compound to support taekwondo as a martial way or a path to enlightenment rather than merely a sport. READ MORE


The Chosun Taekwondo Academy offers a number of programs and classes geared towards students of all ages and belt ranks. From our KickStart program to exclusive Black Belt classes, members are guided on a clear and comprehensive path to advancement. There is nothing haphazard about the Chosun curriculum; techniques are clearly written out on Belt Requirement Forms to avoid confusion and presented to the student for inclusion in a training journal that they are expected to maintain throughout their membership. Since classes are unlimited, students can tailor their training to accommodate their needs and suit their schedule. A minimum of two classes per week is recommended. READ MORE

The Art

Taekwondo is the traditional martial art and Olympic sport of Korea; an Asian discipline with over ninety-million practitioners worldwide. What is it about this unique way of life targeted at cultivating the mind, body, and spirit that has captured the hearts and minds of so many? Could it be that taekwondo contains over 3200 empty-hand combat techniques with proven effectiveness on the field of battle establishing it as an authentic means of self-defense? Or is it the metaphysical and philosophical aspects of the art that attract those seeking more than a simple, physical workout. Perhaps, it is the fact that taekwondo shares the spotlight, along with judo, as being the only two martial arts in a constellation of many, recognized by the International Olympic Committee with the exclusive privilege of participating in the Olympic Games. Either way, it is clear that taekwondo has taken its place as the fastest growing, most popular martial art in the world today. READ MORE

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