5th Dan Master Instructor

I began my Taekwondo training in 1997 and was so impressed with the Chosun instructors and students that I joined immediately; I crossed the threshold of the dojang door and never looked back. In 2010 I traveled to Korea with my Master and it was an amazing and rewarding experience. Taekwondo is part of my life now and I enjoy all aspects of training.
It is with great pride that I call myself a Chosun Instructor.


5th Dan Master Instructor

Taekwondo is an integral component of my life. Having originally joined 15 years ago with my husband and 3 children, Taekwondo has provided a unique bond that my children will pass along to their families as they progress into their adult lives.
The Chosun students are an extended family providing support and friendship as we all share common challenges and rewarding accomplishments.


4th Dan Master Instructor

Training and instructing at Chosun is a gift. The curriculum provides a comprehensive study of Traditional Taekwondo, bringing out one’s internal and external warrior.
As director of The Chosun Leadership Team I am especially fortunate to be able to pass on Taekwondo tradition to an elite group of young, eager students who want to make “Taekwondo First”. It is a privilege.


4th Dan Instructor

I began training at Chosun in March of 2008. Meeting the challenge of training and instructing through each stage of learning a traditional martial art is a demanding and fulfilling experience.


4th Dan Instructor

I began training at Chosun Taekwondo Academy in March 2008 as a white belt, and my journey through the color belt ranks was a great experience, full of challenge and reward.
Now in my 5th year with Chosun, I find my greatest joy as an assistant instructor is working with new students to guide them in their training and encourage them to persevere.


4th Dan Master Instructor

I am a 4th Dan Instructor in Taekwondo. I am Honored to be training under Master Doug Cook. It is a privilege and an Honor to be a member of The Chosun Taekwondo Academy. Master Cook exemplifies what it means to be an authentic traditional martial artist. At the beginning os this year I was humbled in becoming a Chosun Instructor teaching Hae Dong Kumdo.
It is a pleasure to be working with Master Cook, Patty Cook, as well as the Chosun Instructors and students.


4th Dan Instructor

My passion for Taekwondo has led me to become an instructor at Chosun Taekwondo Academy. It is an honor to give the gift of Traditional Taekwondo to young people. Children thrive when they are taught discipline and respect through the active engagement of their minds and bodies. The pride I feel for my young students as they progress through the ranks is heartwarming indeed. Taekwondo is a never ending journey that has led me to the joy of teaching.
I have found what seems impossible to do today, becomes possible tomorrow through patience, focus and effort.


3rd Dan Instructor

My entire taekwondo journey has taken place at Chosun Taekwondo Academy. Starting at white belt in February 2009, I progressed steadily through the color belt curriculum and was able to take the trip of a lifetime to the homeland of taekwondo, Korea, in the summer of 2010 as a red belt. I became an assistant instructor as a bodan in June 2011, earning my Chosun black belt the same year. I was promoted to Instructor this past January 2013. Master Doug Cook delivers a superior caliber of instruction and demands the same from his instructors, and it is for this reason that I am very proud to be a Chosun Instructor.
Grandmaster Doug Cook delivers a superior caliber of instruction and demands the same from his instructors, and it is for this reason that I am very proud to be a Chosun Instructor.


3rd Dan Instructor

Training at Chosun is amazing. Every time I enter the dojang at Chosun I feel like I am training with family. The teachers and members at this school are welcoming and are always encouraging inside and outside of the training walls. I joined the teaching staff at Chosun in the summer of 2014 and I have grown so much as a martial artists since that time. As a profession, I am a teacher of music and violin; having the opportunity to teach one more thing that I love is an amazing venture.
To be able to give back to others, the gift that was given to me, is a humbling and noble experience that I am honored to have.


4th Dan Junior Instructor

I enjoy training in taekwondo at Chosun. I have learned courage through my taekwondo training. I also really enjoy teaching. I enjoy teaching because I love giving knowledge about taekwondo to other students and helping them with their poomsae.
I look forward to continuing my training and teaching at the Chosun Taekwondo Academy.


3rd Dan Junior Instructor

Training in Taekwondo at Chosun has brought value to me because at Chosun I am being taught a true martial art. Another reason it brings value to me is because it gives me great perseverance when I’m doing my homework. It also gives me great self-control. Teaching is very important and exciting for me and makes me a better martial artist.
Teaching is very important and exciting for me and makes me a better martial artist.


2nd Dan Assistant Instructor

I have been training in taekwondo since I was eleven years old. I enjoy being an assistant instructor because I love value seeing students learn new techniques and succeed. Training in traditional Taekwondo at Chosun is mental as well as physical. I have learned to take the Five Tenets – Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable spirit – outside of the dojang and apply them at home and in school. Training has made me a better person in every way.
As an Assistant Instructor, I want to transmit those virtues to the students I teach.