The Chosun Taekwondo Academy offers a number of programs and classes geared towards students of all ages and belt ranks. From our KickStart program to exclusive Black Belt classes, members are guided on a clear and comprehensive path to advancement. There is nothing haphazard about the Chosun curriculum; techniques are clearly written out on Belt Requirement Forms to avoid confusion and presented to the student for inclusion in a training journal that they are expected to maintain throughout their membership. Since classes are unlimited, students can tailor their training to accommodate their needs and suit their schedule. A minimum of two classes per week is recommended.

Traditional Taekwondo Program (Teen/Adult)

A disciplined traditional taekwondo program focusing on basic skills, kicking and hand techniques, poomsae (forms), one-step sparring, self-defense, free-sparring, flexibility, meditation and Ki development exercises. Classes are available six days per week.

Traditional Taekwondo Youth Training Program (6 - 12 Years Old)

A traditional taekwondo program with a concentration on cultivating physical fitness, respect, self-control and confidence through a series of basic skills, kicking and hand techniques, poomsae (forms), one-step sparring, free-sparring and meditation. Classes are available six days per week with primary sessions held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

KickStart Program (4 - 5 Years Old)

A fun-filled martial arts program focusing on nurturing courtesy, self-control, coordination and confidence through a series of martial arts drills and games. Classes are limited to a maximum of twelve students and meets twice a week.

Hatha Yoga Program

A program of gentle exercises utilizing time-honored postures to promote flexibility, balance, core strength and a sense of well being. Classes meet on Tuesday and Saturday mornings at 9:30am. Classes are also live-streamed on the Zoom platform. For more information, visit the Hatha Yoga page on this web site.

Tuition & Costs

It is the mission of the Chosun Taekwondo Academy to provide our students with authentic Korean martial arts instruction at an affordable price in a safe and encouraging environment. With this goal in mind, we offer unlimited classes predicated only on age and, at times, belt level. Furthermore, whereas a vast majority of martial arts schools and fitness centers require their students to sign lengthy membership contracts, we do not. We ask only that our students respect the art of taekwondo, train regularly with vigor and make tuition payments by the first of each month as specified by the Tuition & Membership Policy document enclosed in the Student Handbook.

BLACK BELT EXAMINATIONS: Please be advised that Black Belt Examinations are certified and overseen by the ChosunTaekwondo Academy, the USTA, and the Kukkiwon located in Seoul, South Korea. Due to the stature and international nature of these certifications fees begin at $300.

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION: 45-minute private and semi-private classes are available. Fees are in addition to tuition. Private instruction with Master Cook: $60 / Private instruction with a Chosun Instructor: $30

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: Kicking targets, additional uniforms, sparring gear, taekwondo publications, and other martial arts-related merchandise can be obtained through the school. Please refer to the enclosed Merchandise Order Form for greater details or to place an order.

HATHA YOGA PROGRAM: Class tuition is $18 per class. A 10-class discount card can be purchased for $140. Classes are available to Chosun students at a 50% discount.

Monthly Tuition Rates

Unlimited Classes/ No Annual Contracts

Single Member


Second Family Member


Additional Family Member




One-time Registration Fees

Includes Uniform, Belt, School Patch, and Student Handbook

Standard Taekwondo Program


KickStart Program


Promotion Test Fees

Includes Belt, Breaking Wood, Certificate of Rank

Color Belt Promotion


Black Belt Stripe


KickStart Promotion


Taekwondo Workshops – Taught at Your Location

Master Cook and his instructors have been successfully offering seminars to martial artists and local community groups for years. He is now available to teach a choice of four courses at your dojang or center. Seminar fees are dependent upon class size and location. Please call (845) 986-2288, or email us at for inquires or to make arrangements.

Taekwondo…Traditional Korean Self-Defense Course
Taekwondo is the traditional self-defense art of Korea. Join fifth-dan black belt and author, Master Doug Cook, for this effective seminar composed of a variety of defensive strategies for use against strikes, grabs, and the most common of weapons including knife, pistol and club. Beginners to advanced participants welcome.

Taekwondo Poomsae…Traditional Form Practice
Poomsae or forms, are sequentially, choreographed techniques aimed at defeating multiple attackers advancing from different directions. This was the manner in which martial arts skills were transmitted from venerable master to loyal disciple for centuries. In this seminar, Master Cook will teach selected taekwondo poomsae in detail, demonstrate their practical combat application, and discuss their underlying philosophy. Open to intermediate and advanced students.

Taekwondo Basics…Forging a Solid Foundation
Effective skills in self-defense, poomsae and sparring all depend on strong basic technique. Master Cook will begin by teaching and refining the eight basic motions, and continue this workshop by perfecting the individual stances, blocks, kicks and strikes that represent the fundamentals of the taekwondo arsenal. Ki Development (internal energy) exercises are an important component of this program. This seminar is a benefit to all belt levels.

Chosun Women’s Self-Defense Course
Join Master Doug Cook and his instructors, for what has been called the tri-state areas most effective self-defense course. Civic groups and corporations can show their members and employees they care by offering this course. This three-hour seminar, offered to teen and adult women, is aimed at teaching the skills necessary to defuse an unprovoked attack. Class includes a discussion on avoidance and awareness, along with the practice of strikes, kicks and a series of techniques geared to resist various grabs. A comprehensive guide describing the principles of self-defense, as well as outlining the techniques taught, will be provided to each participant.