Student of the Month


February, 2018

Anthony Pellegrini Jr.

Anthony is 15 years old and was born in Warwick NY. He currently attends and is an Honor student and a member of the cross country team at S.S. Seward Institute in Florida, NY. He has a love for history in school and at the dojang. This is one of the reasons he loves Chosun, in addition to the excellent self defense instruction he has been learning, he also enjoys the history and purpose of the art of taekwondo. Anthony is also on the leadership team, and recently has been given the opportunity to be an assistant instructor at Chosun and now hopes to one day be given the opportunity to be an instructor . He has been training in taekwondo since he was 6 years old and holds the rank of second Dan and on target for third Dan this year.
He is also currently volunteering as a cadet in the Orange County Explorer Program , with aspirations of one day going into law enforcement , and following in his parents foot steps.