Korea Training & Cultural Tour

At one time or another almost every martial artist dreams of visiting the country from which their chosen discipline has evolved. To the karateka, that region is Japan; to the gungfu practitioner, it is China. But, to the taekwondoist, it is a peninsula, rich in greenery with mountains masked in swirling mists that rush to meet the sky.

This enchanted nation is called Korea: Land of the Morning Calm. Join Master Cook and his students on a journey that will change the way you view taekwondo forever. Visiting the Kukkiwon, training at the universities and dojangs located high in the mountains, and meeting the many gifted masters and students of the art, will add color and meaning to one’s practice that can only be appreciated by traveling to the epicenter of the martial arts*. In so doing, the practitioner will make a geographical and historical connection with their physical training, while acknowledging the distinctive heritage of the Korean people.

The July 2019, comprehensive tour package, will include:

  • Roundtrip Airfare
  • Lodging at Luxury Hotels
  • All Meals
  • All Trainging Fees
  • All Sightseeing Fees
  • Luxury Motor Coach for Travel in Korea
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Tour Dobok (Uniform)
  • Transportation to and from Airport in Korea

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*Price subject to change based on fuel charges, number of participants and special requests for rooms, air travel, etc.

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