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Our Current Affiliates

Becoming a Chosun Taekwondo Academy affiliate school is an honor wrapped in responsibility. The name “Chosun” is recognized worldwide as a martial arts institute providing traditional taekwondo instruction based on Asian philosophy and authentic Korean self-defense doctrine. With a curriculum catering to students of all ages, the school and its syllabus is sanctioned by the United States Taekwondo Association and supported by Grandmaster Richard Chun, 9th dan international master instructor. While a great majority of franchise opportunities mandate an initial outlay of thousands of dollars, we do not. Rather than a franchise, we offer an affiliation, a relationship requiring that a flat monthly fee in addition to a royalty be paid to headquarters, based on student population and level of participation. There are many advantages in becoming a Chosun affiliate school including:

·         A comprehensive, copy-written curriculum evolving from White Belt through advanced Black Belt.
·         Authorized use of the “Chosun “brand.
·         Legitimate rank, instructor and school certification.
·         Belt/Stripe testing at the branch location overseen by a qualified 4th dan or above, masters.
·         Collegiums of masters and high ranking instructors and assistants.
·         Special training for the affiliate principal at dedicated Instructor Classes.
·         Exclusive territory determined by headquarters.
·         United States Taekwondo Association affiliation under Grandmaster Richard Chun.
·         Participation is special seminars featuring technique, philosophy and pedagogy.
·         Group participation in sanctioned tournaments.
·         Training and cultural tours of Korea.
·         Seminars at affiliate locations taught by headquarters instructors.
·         Equipment discounts.
·         Branded uniforms.
·         Group marketing opportunities.
·         Branded student information documents.
·         Participation in our annual awards banquet.

Four levels of participation exist that permit the principal to operate the affiliate school according to their adopted business model, commitment to the art of taekwondo, and time available. Ranging anywhere from testing oversight with almost total independence, to becoming a satellite school wholly-owned by headquarters, the various options are centered on recognition of the Chosun brand and its broad syllabus. Yet, once a package is decided upon, it is mandatory that the reputation of the institute remain unblemished requiring the head instructor of the affiliate school to conform to the high standards set forth by the academy both technically and ethically. For further information on Chosun affiliate, contact the Chosun headquarters at (845) 986-2288.

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